Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Outstanding in health outcomes and patient and staff experience


We build TRUST

  • by demonstrating kindness, gratitude, compassion and care to ourselves and to others
  • by recognising, rewarding and celebrating others
  • by being sensitive and respectful, and recognising how our behaviour can impact on the feelings and lives of others
  • doing what we say we will do

We EMPOWER people

  • to be innovative and creative in their work, finding solutions to challenges
  • by encouraging our staff to make positive choices that support healthier lifestyles
  • by reflecting on our own experiences, and those of others, so that we may continuously learn, grow and improve
  • by making best use of the resources entrusted to us


  • by encouraging staff to use quality improvement to transform their services
  • by embracing innovation, research and applying evidence based practice whilst evaluating our performance
  • in the teaching, learning and education we deliver to our staff
  • and we are known for clinical excellence and outstanding patient care


  • by helping one another and always making time for each other
  • by taking the time to listen and be considerate in our responses
  • by welcoming and inviting feedback so we can improve
  • by ensuring that we have thought through the impact our decisions may have on others


  • by encouraging our teams to be the best they can be through reflection and feedback
  • by promoting and supporting a culture of continuous improvement where all are able to develop and flourish
  • by encouraging people to learn and develop so that can be the best that they can be by acknowledging those things that make a difference to those around them, whether they are large or small


  • by valuing everyone’s contribution and taking time to tell them
  • by recognising that we are part of a wider team and that we are best when we work together
  • by working with system partners to ensure that we are doing the best for local people
  • and inclusive, promoting equality and diversity, and challenging discrimination


  • by ensuring that we communicate in an open, consistent and honest way
  • by being sincere, saying sorry, when we don’t get things right
  • by explaining why we are not able to do something
  • by supporting one another to speak up, and acting on concerns that are raised to us